Conservatory Cleaning

Is your conservatory one of your favourite rooms in the house? We can help it stay that way by keeping those countless panes of glass in tip top shape!

Damage and discolouration happens over time and is caused by air pollution, moss, debris and acid rain which can have an adverse effect on polycarbonate and glass roof sheets as well as roof seals and hatches.

A regular conservatory clean can help reduce those nasty build ups, get rid of unsightly green stains, optimise natural light and make your conservatory enjoyable all year round!

Your roof may have been constructed with self cleaning glass, however this still requires a regular clean. A common misconception (or sales pitch) is that Self cleaning is a product that cleans itself when in actual fact it is designed to make cleaning easier.

Hire the experts to tackle this task – we come armed with the know how, specialist equipment and skill.

We use a telescopic pole with its own pure water supply to reach the parts of your conservatory that others cannot. We can easily clear dirt, moss and other unwanted build up.

As professionals, we know the differences between materials used to construct conservatories and more importantly, how to clean them. We do not use household cleaning products or harsh brushes that could easily damage your polycarbonate or glass. With care and special attention to detail, we can restore your conservatory and have it looking as good as new.

Let us take the strain when it comes to conservatory cleaning. Don’t leave the hub of your home in the hands of cowboys.

Contact us for a free quote and we can have you enjoying your conservatory from the inside, as well as admiring it’s brilliance from the outside!

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