Roof & Render Cleaning

Softwash systems have revolutionised the roof and exterior cleaning industry.

Soft wash goes beyond a simple hand scrape or brushing of your roof tiles. That method removes moss but won’t tackle lichen and fungi. Surfaces that have perviously proved difficult to clean can now benefit from an exact and meticulous chemical solution being applied to it which cleans safely and effectively, without pressure.

The labour intensive part of cleaning your roof is undoubtably the moss removal. This has to be done carefully by hand to ensure there is no damage to the tiles. Most roof specialists would not recommend a roof is pressure washed as this can result in irreparable damage to your tiles.

The best part about soft washing is the second stage of the process. It is the application of a solution which contains an active ingredient that works on protecting your roof or render for up to a year. For homes which have a continuous problem with moss and algae build up – this could be the answer to your prayers!

Once we have carried out the initial process of removing moss, and applying our Softwash solution to your home, we can continue to look after your home with a short visit once per year to reapply our solution to keep your home looking tip top. The need for a yearly moss removal is eliminated.

This not only keeps the cost considerably low but the yearly maintenance is a fast, effective and preventative measure in prolonging the life of your roof or render.

The results of this cleaning system are second to none. Have a look at some of our before and after photos to see some of the astounding outcomes.

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